JigsawU 104

Here is the link to my recording showcasing the elements of JigsawU 104: JigsawU 104: Instructional Lesson In the lesson I provided an overview of the knowledge gained in JigsawU and how I would implement in a synchronous session. Welcome message from the instructor via video interaction Students work on the warmup question with answers […]

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JigsawU 103

With the third session of JigsawU 103 our presenters gave us some information on Pane 3.  One of the functions of this pane that I am most excited about is the survey function.  While this is not compatible with the recording, I feel this would be an excellent use of a “Ticket Out the Door” […]

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JigsawU 102

Previously in JigsawU 101 I demonstrated my use of my favorite asset; Presentations.  This is especially useful in a Social Studies setting where notes are frequently used.  And, being a veteran teacher, I have plenty of PowerPoint presentations in my arsenal to easily upload and present to my students.  I love the annotation and screenshot […]

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JigsawU 101

JigsawU 101 introduces us to Assets within the Jigsaw platform.  I am glad the sessions begin with this information as it is the most useful, in my opinion, to the online teaching environment.  We were tasked with providing five unique assets to our collection.  I chose to include the Welcome Email Template to demonstrate uploading […]

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Evaluate Reflection

In reflecting on the Evaluate Module in the Open Teacher Training Course, I am drawn to reflecting on my experience as a virtual school instructor the past few years.  It is interesting to note my growth, but also areas in which I can improve.  Much like face to face teaching, you find areas in teaching […]

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Evaluate 3 – Self Reflection

WallEval Above is a screenshot from a previous Summative Assessment from my work at Georgia Virtual School.  I have also attached a PDF for review. My areas of Mastery included Grading, Policy, Homepages, and Discussions.  I did have an Exceptional score for the Communication category.  Obviously I was very pleased with this score and it […]

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