Evaluate Reflection

In reflecting on the Evaluate Module in the Open Teacher Training Course, I am drawn to reflecting on my experience as a virtual school instructor the past few years.  It is interesting to note my growth, but also areas in which I can improve.  Much like face to face teaching, you find areas in teaching […]

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Evaluate 3 – Self Reflection

WallEval Above is a screenshot from a previous Summative Assessment from my work at Georgia Virtual School.  I have also attached a PDF for review. My areas of Mastery included Grading, Policy, Homepages, and Discussions.  I did have an Exceptional score for the Communication category.  Obviously I was very pleased with this score and it […]

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Evaluate 2 – Competencies

Above is a competency chart I created using bubbl.us. In this chart I will be using US History Standard 9 which covers a large portion of the Civil War.  There are four substandards for this standard.  I have included four assessments for this competency chart.  As such I have decided that a student should obtain […]

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Evaluate 1 – Quality Feedback

When providing feedback, as I have stated before, I enjoy utilizing gifs and memes to bring attention and some fun to a students feedback.  However, it is also important to take time to identify certain pieces of effort and pull out certain aspects for praise and also for correction.  One issue I deal with course […]

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