Evaluate 1 – Quality Feedback

When providing feedback, as I have stated before, I enjoy utilizing gifs and memes to bring attention and some fun to a students feedback.  However, it is also important to take time to identify certain pieces of effort and pull out certain aspects for praise and also for correction.  One issue I deal with course to course are students’ inability to cite their sources.  Not only is this for plagiarized work, but also for completely original work.  I notify students, and stakeholders, in my weekly Course Update emails about adding sources.  I provide reminders on feedback and eventually I begin to deduct points (students speak up when that happens!).  When correcting students about any issue, it is best to pull out positives from the work before you aim to correct.  A instructor, whether face to face or virtual, should not give only negative feedback.

The following is an assignment called The New Deal and WWII Interview Project.  This particular student actually copied the instructions from the course and included them on his assignment, so it should be helpful for you to understand.  It is a great submission but with one issue I wanted to point out.

Student Sample_New Deal and WWII Interview Project

Subsequently, here is my feedback for this student:

Screenshot 2017-06-27 at 5.55.01 PM

Elmo and Jimmy Fallon celebrating in gif form is a fun way to acknowledge this student’s work.  I have noted his ability to provide a great submission based on the requirements, however, I have also noted this student’s lack of documentation for his work.  Here you have a personal lead in (using the student’s name), positive acknowledgement of the work and reinforcement of the negative aspects.


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