Evaluate 2 – Competencies

Screenshot 2017-06-27 at 7.24.23 PM

Above is a competency chart I created using bubbl.us. In this chart I will be using US History Standard 9 which covers a large portion of the Civil War.  There are four substandards for this standard.  I have included four assessments for this competency chart.  As such I have decided that a student should obtain a minimum score of 70% on three out of four of the assessments.  In other words, a student must obtain a minimum score of 70% on 75% of the assessments.

A 70% or better on the unit’s pretest would demonstrate a great awareness of the subject matter and likely correlate to competency in most other assessments.  The use of a project helps to differentiate the assessments, however it does not correlate with all substandards.  As such a 75% competency would be used.  One concern I have with this model is the lack of differentiated assessments.  If a student does not test well then would their competency rate be justifiably demonstrated using this method?

I had intended to include a fifth assessment, Civil War Battles Chart, to demonstrate understanding of SSUSH9: C and D.  However this would break from my 75% rate I was aiming for.  In my opinion, I could still add that fifth assessment and keep the 75% rate while having students be competent in three out of four assessments chosen with one being the unit test.

Overall, this was an interesting concept and something I had to take time to develop.  Hopefully, I have demonstrated an understanding of the concept to be competent myself…


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