Evaluate 3 – Personalized Teaching and Learning

Screenshot 2017-06-29 at 11.40.51 AM

CourseAccess-1 – Sheet1

Above is a data report from my latest class.  Let me take a moment to point out some steps I took to include this in my blog.  First, I edited student names to initials in order to comply with FERPA.  I also changed their Usernames in conjunction with the change to the names as this is also an identifier.  Then I blacked out the User ID for each student, however the document I included is a PDF.  I saved to a PDF so that the blocking of students’ User IDs could not be reversed.

This data report is a Course Access Report.  A Course Access Report is essentially an attendance report in an online class.  While some virtual schools have an attendance or access requirement of some kind, Georgia Virtual School does not.  I agree with this policy.  As a 24/7 learning institution we benefit from NOT trying to pin students into a time constraint.  However, these Course Access Reports are a vital tool in bridging the gap between that lack of a requirement in attendance/access and working toward student success.

In this report I choose to look at the students with the lowest access to the course since the beginning of the course.  This would be helpful in correlating student performance to student access.  This type of data is something I use frequently when communicating with stakeholders.  The screenshot above does not show as much information as the attached PDF document.  From the screenshot you can infer that students T.B., M.P., J.N. and M.J. have accessed the course the least.  What you cannot tell from the screenshot (and information you probably could not detail from the document either) is that all of the students listed had a “last accessed” date from the previous date.  So while these students are accessing the course the least, they are accessing the course on a day-to-day fashion.  Therefore, it is important to not only have the data, be aware of its implications, but also be aware of the policies of the school/course and how those factors can correlate.

From this data I could encourage those accessing the course the least to increase their access in an effort to increase their scores.  However, none of these students were of academic concern.  In that regard, I would only use this as a response from the student for extra credit or some other comment on their progress.  In a larger class, I could use this report to intervene early on with students who are not accessing often enough.


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